NEWS: Legal Equalizer in NBC News

Were You Stopped by the Police?

Written by: Mashaun D. Simon of NBC News

legal equalizer app abc newsA new app has been created to educate citizens of their rights so that they are better equipped in governing themselves during interactions with law enforcement.

Developed by Mbye Njie, a native of Gambia now residing in the metro Atlanta area, the concept behind the “Legal Equalizer” app sparked from what Njie considered to be a pattern of unlawful traffic stops. He wanted to do something to help others from being profiled the way he had.

Njie was struck by the impact that video evidence could have had on the Michael Brown case, but it was Sandra Bland’s case—which started off as a routine traffic stop and ended three days later when Bland was found dead in her jail cell—that motivated him to push his idea into action.

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